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Hold A Successful Bake Sale
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If you have ever thought of having a bake sale to raise funds for a charity here are a few idea of what you can do to make sure your bake sale is a complete success!
First and foremost you need to make sure you have enough people who will make items to donate to your bake sale. Ask the people who are involved in your group to donate items and have them ask friends or neighbors to donate their items for your cause. Make sure you let them know that not only is it for a good cause, but that their contribution can be considered a tax deduction for the amount you sell their items for. Those two items themselves helps to give your bake sale a great start.

Next you need to make sure you have a great place to have your bake sale. Some of the more favorite places to have a bake sale are in front of local grocery stores and other department stores. If there are no places available such as that, the next best places are either in front of a community hall (if it is pretty outside), in the community hall (in case of inclement weather accidentally shows up), in a charity members yard who is on a ‘main drag’ of the town you are located in, or even a church parking lot or church parking picnic area.

Finally you need to get the word out! Spread the word like wildfire! Let everyone know why you are having this yard sale and what the funds will be going towards. Everyone likes to help a good cause, even if they only afford a dollar; they feel like they are making a difference. Make flyers to post in local grocery and department stores, call in to local radio stations and advertise on one of their free community boards, post flyers in any or all gas stations window that will allow you to do so and on as many poles, tree’s, stop sign areas, that you are legally able to do so. Please before you put these signs up; make sure that you have permission to do so. Never place any signs somewhere if you are in doubt, ALWAYS make sure it is okay. You just might gain a customer by being polite and asking permission to post your flyers somewhere. It all counts!! Have a Great Bake Sale!!

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