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Just One of The Ideas in The Idea Bank

My organization was looking for ways to make money for a local cause and we did pretty well with this cute little item. Take a regular safety pin (not the little gold ones but the little larger silver ones.) The width of the ribbon almost fits exactly the width of the safety pin rung. Then take your ribbon and cut them into sections about 3-4 inches in length. With the safety pin closed, slip a piece of the ribbon through the center and bring it down so that the two ends meet. Spread the two ends apart a bit, so now you have the ribbon over the bottom rung of the pin (not around the clasp end) and can see both ends of the one ribbon. Then cut the two ends neat and diagnonally. Now you have what sort of looks like a “badge” . Place a dot of super glue between the ribbon. Now place a shiny new dime (Eisenhower head up) and super glue it to the front of the ribbon. Viola - now you have a “Diamond Pin” (actually it\'s a Dime & Pin) but no one cares because they are so cute!! You can use a lot of different colors of ribbon and you can make a lot in just a few minutes. We advertised them: “Get Your Diamond Pin - $1.00 each”. That\'s enough to get everyone curious to see this “diamond”. Most people bought four or five and wrapped them up for prank Xmas gifts. They reported that it was so funny to see them open it and look confused, then they were able to say, “I bought you a diamond pin!” Each pin was sold with a little gift card & the pin fit inside the card. The card\'s front read “A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU”. Then inside the card it read, “All proceeds from the sale of these DIME&PINs goes toward a SPECIAL cause, or something like that to describe our fundraiser. Enjoy!

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