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I am the Student Council President at our small Christian school. Last spring (1997) we needed to raise over $2,000.00 in order for five of our students and five adults to attend an International Student Convention in Indiana. We raised all of the needed money in April and May. One of the success fund-raisers we did was what we called "Spud Nite". We set up a baked potato bar in the Fellowship Hall of our church. The bar included baked potatoes wrapped in foil and a large variety of toppings such as: nacho cheese, butter, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, snipped parsley, ranch salad dressing, and whatever other toppings look like they'd be appetizing. We served home-made brownies for dessert. The toppings and potatoes were donated by local grocery stores who were asked two weeks in advance. The potatoes were served after the Sunday evening service after having been advertised the last two Sundays. The turn-out was great for a first-time fund-raiser. A jar was placed at the head of the potato bar for donations. Over $200.00 was raised. We plan to continue this fund-raiser and make it an annual event at our church. It will grow each year, and may eventually include the entire community. If you have any questions about this fund-raiser, please e-mail me at I will respond quickly. Good luck with your efforts! May God bless!

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