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General Fundraising Tips
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The last important thing to consider when selecting a fundraiser is credibility. Unfortunately, because of past success and popularity of some activities, such as selling discounted magazine subscriptions, these activities have been transformed in recent years into scams. In such a large capacity in fact that potential customers have begun to avoid giving money to people saying they are selling magazines for their organization, despite the reputation of the organization. So, be sure to check on the credibility of your activity. While your members aren’t using these activities to put money in their own pocket, there are too many others who are.

Above all else, the most important thing to remember when you are selecting a fundraiser is to do your research. If it is popular, is it repeatable? If there are overhead costs will your profit exceed that overhead? Are their locations in your area that will match your earnings? And finally, is the activity credible, or has overwhelming success in the past made it prime for scams?

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